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(the Thames Police Court in Stepney, East London)

This website is written and researched  by Dr Drew Gray, a lecturer in the history of crime at the University of Northampton.

For the latest report of proceedings from London’s Victorian  Police Courts follow this link: the police magistrate 

This site contains reports from Victorian London’s police courts, which were the predecessors of today’s magistrates courts. They are based on newspaper reports from the 1830s to the early 1900s, and detail accounts of all sorts of criminal activity, violence and cruelty, as well as evertydaysu tales of poverty, desperation, mental illness and a fair amount of humour.

You can use this site to search for specific crimes or use the Themes link in the menu below to look for areas or topics that interest you. If you are interested in a particular court (such as Bow Street or Marylebone) you can also limit your search to one court in particular.

Please feel free to comment on anything you read and if something in particular interests you then please get in touch. I am also available to give talks to local History Societies, schools and colleges, and academic or professional audiences.

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