Hawking fakes earns a stiff reward

In June 1870 John Conroy appeared before Alderman Gabriel at Mansion House accused of selling pirated copies of works of art. We are familiar with this today movies and music in particular being sold without any money going to the artists or anything from perfume to Gucci handbags being passed off as genuine when they are in fact fakes.


Edward Landseer ‘The Piper and Pair of Nutcrackers’

Conroy had been hawking copies of Landseer’s ‘The Piper and Pair of Nutcrackers’ alongside works by a ‘Miss Edwards’, ‘Collinson’ and ‘Faed’. He had also pirated two portraits (of ‘Mrs Rousby and Longfellow’) that were the property of the Stereoscopic Company.

The alderman was satisfied that the law had been broken and imposed a heavy fine on the defendant of £25 or three month’s imprisonment for the paintings and a further £10 (or ten weeks inside) for the portraits.

[from The Standard , Wednesday, June 01, 1870]


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